Butt Enlargement Pills/that destroys Nigerian Woman

This Nigerian woman used to go on butt enlargement pills and creams in order to get a fuller and round bouncing butt.Butt enlargemt creams are suppose to help boost the size of the hips and buttocks thereby enhancing its shape,size and appeal in order to boost self confidence and enhance sexual appeal.

It has several side effects some of which can lead to more complicated and life threathening effects such of that of this woman who wants to remain annomynous.Such side effects includes: Hair loss/baldness, Hirsutism(excess body hair on body parts where hair is normally absent or minimal), weight gain, cold hands and feets, bloating, difficulty with memory, mood swings, stretch marks, irregular menstral flow, low sex drive, difficulty in sleeping (Insomnia), anxiety and depression .

In the case of this woman she has been disfigured and she says she’s in constant pain especially when she sits down. She also discourages Nigerian not to go on butt enlargement pills and cream saying they should be comfortable and grateful with what God gives them naturally