EPIDURAL INJECTION (Pregnant women issue)

Epidural injection is one of the most dangerous injections in the world and yet some mothers have no choice but to take it in order to bring thier child to the world and when the are around age forty the back pain starts endlessly leaving her in pains everday neither would she be able to stand or sit in the same position for long.

Epidural injection is a technique in which corticosteriods and local anesthetic or both are injected into the epidural space around the spinal cord (lower region of the spinal corld close to the waist) . it has unclear benefits with serious side effects such as Stroke,Paralysis,shivering,a ringing in the ear,backache,soreness, difficulty in urinating ect.

Mothers go through all kind of pains in order to bring thier babies to the world. I give kudos to mothers and pray God give relief to all the mothers that are going through such pains from the injection especially thouse that couldn’t even carry the baby (lost the baby) and yet have to live with pains the could not account for.